Saturday, August 17, 2013

What should I expect from a carpet cleaning company?

The benefits of having your carpet cleaned are many, but there is a lot of preconceived expectations that customers have.  Many customers think that once their 35 year old, matted down, wore out carpets are cleaned-the carpets should look like gold!  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Having your carpets cleaned only removes dirt, stains, hair, odor and etc from the carpet.  Having your carpets cleaned does not restore worn out carpet fibers that are weak and lie flat when stepped on.  Ever looked down a hallway or entrance to a bedroom and noticed that the carpet is flattened in these high traffic areas? That is because the carpet fibers are worn out beyond repair.  These fibers have been wore out from years of high traffic, constant wear and worst of all-dirt particles.  You see, dirt (which is tiny grains of sand or rock particles) acts like sandpaper once they get into carpet fibers.  When the carpet is constantly walked on and wore down, these particles grind and wear the carpet fibers down to the point wear they cannot be repaired and to the point where having them cleaned will not help them look like new again.  As i mentioned earlier "  Having your carpets cleaned only removes dirt, stains, hair, odor and etc from the carpet".  I hope this will help potential carpet cleaning customers understand what they should expect from a local carpet cleaning company.

Now most people also think that "we have new carpets so we don't need them cleaned for a long time".  This is the single most common mistake that many people with new carpet make.  They don't get them cleaned and guess what?  Over time, (3 months to 3 years depending on  amount of traffic and dirt exposure) dirt gets into the carpet and wears at the carpet fibers like sandpaper on wood and completely destroys the carpet fibers leaving them looking dull, limp and unsightly.  Weekly vacuuming with a quality vacuum cleaner will help remove some of the dirt but only a professional carpet cleaning company with a truck mounted carpet cleaning unit has the power and vacuum to remove dirt that is down deep and embedded into carpet fibers.  Here at Nature's Way Carpet Cleaning, we tell our customer's to have their carpets cleaned at least twice a year.  Having them cleaned at least twice a year will insure that your carpet will last 3 times longer than it would if they never had them cleaned.  Now if your spending or have spent $4,000-$6,000 on new carpet or have bought a house with new carpet, you can rest assured that having your carpet cleaned will give you 3 times the return on your investment!! It gets even better...  The average cost of having your 4 bedroom home with a living room and family room (6 rooms) professionally cleaned is around $150.  So for $300 a year you can protect the investment you have in your carpet giving you many more years of enjoyment and great looking carpets.

So what can I expect from a professional carpet cleaning company?

If you choose the right company and are willing to pay for a quality job than you can expect them to remove almost 100% of all dirt and stains that are in your carpets.  You can also expect the company to treat you with respect and dignity while they are in your home and to give you a guarantee on the services that they performed.   There are many carpet cleaning cleaners out there, but not all them do a quality job.  By knowing what to expect from a carpet cleaning company, you have taken the first step as a potential customer.  The next step is how to choose the right carpet cleaning company for you.  I will be posting an article on "how to choose a carpet cleaning company" so stay tuned.  As always, good luck and God Bless!

Tom Kohlman
Nature's Way Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, MI


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